1/ one over is a Brand design / development and Art direction studio. Our workspace is our home in San Francisco (previously Beirut, Lebanon) where brands come to begin, become and reinvent themselves.

A team is carefully hand-picked for every project, working intimately with each client to distill the essence of their brand and develop the right communication tools to best express their core identity. This exploratory experience is extended into the product, which is meticulously designed around typography, texture and spaces, offering a tactile visual experience.

1/ one over is headed by Creative Director Sana Asseh, who looks at each singular project as a way of extending beyond her boundaries.

Prior to forming 1/ one over, she worked with international lighting firm .PSLAB as an Art Director for 12 years, creating the brand’s distinct visual identity. She also used to consult for Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (Alba) Beirut as an Art director.

Sana’s extensive research in print and production matters greatly influences her online and offline work, a continuous dialogue between two- and three-dimension. Sana’s love for design helps her consult and provide furniture specifications and interiors mood and feel.

That’s Sana !


Collaborations include:

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