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Beirut, 9 October, 2019 – 1/ one over brand design studio celebrates its third anniversary with an act of collective love —production houses and designers switching roles and learning from each other. 1/collaborations features seven limited edition object-sets, pallets representing the fabrication techniques used by four production houses, useful for designers and the production houses themselves. This year the theme, the first of a tradition, is a symbol of collaboration: the heart. The heart generous graphical shape was essential in portraying the right amount of finishing, while being looked at as kitschy we were able to detour it into an essential part of the 1/ collaboration. These objects will be presented for viewing and sale in the presence of the creators on October 9, 2019 at the Achrafieh home of 1/ one over.

Sana Asseh, 1/ one over Artistic Director, explains: “1/ collaboration is an active statement about the importance of working together to foster a nourishing environment for creative appreciation. Myriam Boulos (photography), Farah Fayyad (graphic design and printmaking), Bahij Jaroudi (illustration), Ghaith&Jad (architecture) and Mashatel Mahfouz (horticulture) worked with 1/ one over to co-produce objects in variations, sequences and series named for the various possibilities that one object can become by using different fabrication techniques.It is necessary that we support and encourage one another, to create community, develop and mature in collaboration. Everyone participating in the first edition of 1/ collaborations has been part of 1/ one over’s evolution. What better way to celebrate turning three than with the people that helped make it happen.” Anispress, Nice Nice Prints, Paladium and SS Silkscreen were fundamental in bringing the objects to life. The framed photographs, postcards, coasters, playing cards and tote bags also act as palettes representative of the production houses’ various methods and abilities. Sana Asseh adds: “We all love what we do and it is important to share that love with one another and with the people who inspire us. We should all exercise our heart muscle and co-create more.”

 1/22 Finishing explores finishing techniques through 22 different postcards and their respective envelopes. Each technique is to the same icon design and onto the same glossy envelope and matte postcard materials. Although the symbol is the same, the visual and tactile feel is unique each time. The postcards are sold in a pack of 22, creating a unique palette of the finishing techniques, making the collection useful for designers and print lovers. By 1 / in collaboration with anis press

1/15 Typography explores type classifications through a tote bag. The same characters from different font categories are silkscreened onto cotton fabric, creating a unique typographic palette that portrays the variations of fonts groupings, making this bag useful for designers and print lovers. By 1 / in collaboration with ss silkscreen

 1/20 Screen printing explores silkscreen printing through 20 coasters, using a different material for each, most of which can only be printed on with this technique. The coasters are sold in a pack of 20, creating a unique material palette, making the collection useful for designers and print lovers. In collaboration with ss silkscreen and nice nice prints

 1/2 Surface explores frames that join two perpendicular surfaces, such as two walls, a wall and ceiling, a floor and wall, a pillar. The perception of the artwork changes depending on where it is folded and how it is mounted. By 1/ in collaboration with Myriam Boulos and photo paladium.

 1/4660 Achrafieh the demolition of a building marks the closure of a chapter. We mourn its loss by recording the sound of its destruction: the monotonous grind of bulldozers, the scream of metal piercing concrete, the dull rumble of each floor crumbling; six decades of history dead. The sound recordings intimately reflect the building’s former materiality; its layers, voids, volumes, and foundations take on different frequencies in demolition. Two drawings — floor plan and elevation — reconstruct the building from the sonic traces of erasure. Echoing the blueprints that usually precede a building’s construction, the drawings are lent physical heft by embroidery. The drill of needle on fabric recalls the process of demolition, but the result is quiet and shroud-like — a modest monument to the erosion of architecture. In collaboration with GHAITH&JAD.

 1/52 Tears explores the inherent facets of sadness present in a deck of playing cards. In collaboration with Bahij Jaroudi.

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1/18 Binding, explores binding techniques by creating 18 different notepads, each the same size and made of the same paper but bound differently, so that none of them open or fold in the same way, the experience of writing in each one becoming unique. The notepads are sold each on its own or in a pack of 18, creating a unique palette of the binding techniques that are available on the Lebanese market, extremely useful for designers and book lovers.

1/ 12 Month is a re-envisaging of the yearly organizer. In place of a single book, 1/12 is divided into twelve monthly booklets. Bound together using an innovative fabrication technique, they can be detached but are sold bound as an attached whole. As the year progresses, booklets can be separated and filed away for reference. Use it any year, it’s timeless. 

1/ 366 Day is an ode to the “riznama”, the wall calendar that comes with a block of detachable pages, one for each day of the year. Often found in Lebanese homes, it traditionally bears religious imagery. For its part, 1/366 is resolutely secular. The pages of this one double as to do lists. Use it any year, it’s timeless.

1/18 Framing, explores framing techniques by playing on the way we perceive photographs. Each of the eighteen frames will display the same photograph in a different way, in the process subverting the primacy of the image itself. 

1/12 Note, allows for a personalization of messages on balloon. Each pack contains 12 balloons printed with the same line pattern, allowing for the customization of balloons with hand-written personal notes. None of them look the same, as each becomes unique with its message. 12 times a note.